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To Sell 1st or to Buy 1st ?….. that is the question!


There are many more questions that need to be asked before this one can be answered For example:
  • What is the current market condition?
  • Where the market is headed? 
  • What type of property are you looking for? 
  • Is the property you’re looking for, readily available? 
  • Do you qualify financially to buy without the firm sale of your existing home? 
  • How much time do you have to transition to your new home? 
  • What is your risk level? 
  • Is your current home ready for sale or do you need a lot of time to prepare the home? 
  • How many properties would you be prospectively competing with in today’s market?
  • How much financial leverage do you have with respect to the differential in price between your existing home and your new home? 

For expert advice on this matter, give us a call and we can help!

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